Caliber Bookkeeping is an Online Bookkeeping company providing services across Canada. By leveraging technology Caliber Bookkeeping drives down costs, creating exceptional value, while delivering professional Bookkeeping services to your company. With over ten years of experience and accounting qualifications, Caliber Bookkeeping can manage all your Bookkeeping needs. Let us take care of the books so you can take care of your business.

How it Works

Submit your Documents

Take photos or scans of your bills and receipts and submit them to us via your smartphone or tablet. A scheduled pickup or drop off can be arranged.

Process the Data

We process the data and make payments to your suppliers based on a payment schedule. Sales are processed on a weekly basis to ensure up-to-date cashflow.

A payroll schedule can also be made available for your company.

Get a full View of Your Business

At month end we present the numbers that reflect the financial performance of your business, allowing you to make informative business decisions.

Focus on Your Business, not the Numbers

As your business grows, we’ll scale with you!
Let us take care of your bookkeeping so you can fully commit to growing your business.

Fixed Monthly Structure

At Caliber Bookkeeping we understand that businesses' seek value, that is why we charge a very affordable price for all your Bookkeeping needs.

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Male Testimonial

I wanted to make sure that Caliber bookkeeping was a good fit for our organization. I met with Travis, asked many questions and decided to give him a try. He exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend Caliber bookkeeping!

Rick Turchet MBA
President + founding PARTNER